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mythic quest 2.1.1
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‘Mythic Quest’ season 2 episodes 1-2 review: Workplace fun and gaming

The Mythic Quest crew start working on the follow up to Raven’s Banquet.

After over a year and a pair of specials, Mythic Quest finally returns for a second season. We even receive a bonus gift with the premiere consisting of two episodes. If this first week is any indication, we’re in for an entertaining season filled with humor, a little romance and the expected workplace foolishness.

These two episodes continue to establish the new normal at the company. Poppy is settling into her role as co-creative director and the expectations that come with it. Despite her apprehensions, it’s good to see early on she seems more than capable since she comes up with the new expansion’s name by herself. Now only if she and Ian could figure out the rest.

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Poppy and Ian’s close working conditions also cause her to fantasize about her co-director. There’s a hilarious bit of different people in the office describing their similar sex dreams when Ian was the boss. In addition, she sets her own path of leading and has the guile to adeptly manipulate her coworkers to get what she wants.

The other engaging storyline of Mythic Quest that carries over into the new season is the budding relationship between the testers, Dana and Rachel. They struggle with expressing their feelings to each other and undergo an amusing junior high-esque process with the head of HR being the hesitant go between. The wonderful and organic build up leads to a memorable first kiss with mood lighting that gives the special scene justice.

Mythic Quest 2.1.2
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One of the few aspects that hasn’t changed is Dave is still the disrespected producer of the gang. Almost nobody takes him seriously even though he’s the real boss. Jo leaves him to become Brad’s assistant. He seems a better fit as a mentor considering their shared ethics and cutthroat style but there’s still some awkwardness between the three of them like regularly bumping into an ex after a break-up.

With new episodes come new pairings to keep Mythic Quest’s dynamic fresh. Former foes in “Everlight,” the testers find themselves working with Jo on a project. This is their first real opportunity to impress management and the pressure affects them. It’s weird to see cracks in Dana and Rachel’s relationship so soon but it does show the complicated nature of an intraoffice romance. We also witness how Brad is influencing Jo already when it comes time to present their pitch.

Despite all the fun, the series does provide some hard truths about the industry. The focus on the new expansion highlights the never-ending work and burden of constantly developing new content. There’s also a nod to the underappreciated graphic artists that initially turn people’s ideas into reality, even something as arbitrary as building material. Everyone takes for granted the amount of time artists spend on their illustrations. All these along with the idea that mobile gaming is crap and a microtransaction filled money grab bring some authenticity (though exaggerated) that really make it feel like being at a publisher.

The second season begins by developing the new normal in entertaining ways and delivers a much anticipated moment viewers have been waiting for.

New episodes of Mythic Quest drop Fridays on Apple TV+.

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