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Mass Effect Legendary Edition


Almost all of you played a paragon Shepard in Mass Effect, according to Bioware

Y’all need a little more renegade spice in your Mass Effect life.

Bioware today released a fun infographic detailing the frequency of some player choices Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. I love choices in games as much as the next RPG player, but according to this data, it turns out everyone kinda played Mass Effect the same way. Some characters are simply too loveable to bite the dust on Virmire.

A word to the wise — we got some spoilers coming up. So if you haven’t yet played one of the GOAT gaming series and don’t want anything to be ruined for you, stop here and go play Mass Effect. You’ll thank me later.

For starters, too many players saw shaved-head John Shepard holding an assault rifle in the game promos and decided to not mix things up. 68% of Shepards are male, 52% hail from Earth, and 40% are straight up soldiers. Only 21% of players experienced the vanguard class, my personal favorite, and only 5% played as engineers.

Many fans not-so-affectionately refer to Ashely as a “space racist,” yet 60% saved her on Virmire over Kaiden. While you may or may not agree with her views on aliens (and some of them are really hard to defend), Ashely does make for an interesting character, especially more so than Kaiden, who — and I’m sorry, Kaiden-stans — is closer to boring than exciting any way you slice it. I think most of you will agree with me there as Kaiden was ranked as the least popular squadmate choice in Mass Effect.

Mordin dies the most of all the squadmates in Mass Effect 2‘s suicide mission, which could not be more of a shame. Like Miranda and Thane, he has one of the more substantial non-squadmate roles in Mass Effect 3 and Padok Wiks fulfilling it doesn’t quite have the same emotional impact. At the very least I want Mordin to survive 2 so I can kill him myself in an all-renegade Mass Effect 3 playthrough, but Mass Effect’s paragon-heavy players aren’t on the same page with me there. Only a measly 4% go through with the Salarian Dalatrass’s plan and sabotage Mass Effect 3‘s genophage cure.

Priority: Rannoch has a little bit more variety to its outcomes, with 80% of players brokering peace between the Quarians and the Geth, 11% siding with the Geth, and 9% going with their makers. That means the first glimpse of Tali’s Rannoch… fall, we’ll say, for many players was in the trailer released for the Legendary Edition prior to its release.

Head over to Bioware’s Twitter to check out all the statistics the developer released, including the fate of the Rachni Queen, how often Wrex makes it off Virmire alive, and how many players punch Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani square in the face. If you’re in the mood for more Mass Effect content, click here to read if Mass Effect: Andromeda is really as bad as we remember (spoiler alert: it’s actually kinda good!).

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