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AIPT's Favorite Announcements from the Summer of Gaming


AIPT’s favorite announcements from the Summer of Gaming 2022

AIPT shares its favorite gaming reveals, trailers, and announcements from the Summer of Gaming.

Even though E3 sat out this summer, various gaming journalism outlets and publishers made sure June wasn’t bereft of gaming announcements. 2022’s Summer of Gaming is in the books with hundreds of new game reveals, trailers, and release date announcements for us to sift through and enjoy. Let’s take a look at AIPT’s favorite announcements from the Summer of Gaming.

Final Fantasy XVI Dominance Trailer

Mat: An obvious choice, right? A new trailer for a new entry in one of the most storied franchises in video game history would get any gamer excited. Final Fantasy XVI‘s trailer from Sony’s State of Play focused on Dominants, people who have the power to wield Eikons (Final Fantasy XVI’s version of summons) in the game, showed off more of the game’s combat and interface, and solidified the game as being one of the more darker and grittier entries in the franchise. Also, if nothing else, this second trailer signified that we’re one step closer to having the game in our hands, and what’s more exciting than that?

Roots of Pacha Gameplay Trailer

Trevor: You can’t swing a stick in a Steam sale without hitting a dozen Stardew Valley inspired farming sims. The Summer Game Fest heralded the coming of several more Stardew-likes but only one widened my eyes and got my fingers tapping to make note of its title. Roots of Pacha is taking farming sims back to the stone age. Think less sprinkler systems and more natural streams of irrigation. Less horseback riding, more…mammoths and ostriches?! I can’t wait to raise boars, compare Flintstones-esque fashions with my neighbors, and find a prehistoric love to share a straw hut with.

Tunic Announced for PlayStation

Austin: Tunic – not Halo or Starfield – made me feel FOMO for not having an Xbox when it released back in March. The Zelda-inspired isometric adventure game reminded me of my 2021 game of the year, Death’s Door, with its colorful art design and fun gameplay, making me impatiently wish for it to come to PlayStation ASAP. During Sony’s June State of Play, that wish came true. It’s now one of my most anticipated fall 2022 releases, right up there with Marvel’s Midnight Suns and God of War Ragnarök (if it doesn’t end up getting delayed). Now all we need is for Tunic to arrive on Nintendo Switch…

The Last Case of Benedict Fox Reveal Trailer

Noelle: When I saw The Last Case of Benedict Fox I knew I was going to jump on it day one. I’m a sucker for narrative action-adventure games, but its gothic 2.5D art style with haunting mansions, grotesque underworlds, and spooky lairs really got me excited for Benedict Fox. Its aesthetic also reminded me of Night School Studio’s Afterparty and Oxenfree, which were both visually vibrant hellscapes with deeply human stories.

Hollow Knight: Silksong Xbox Game Pass Reveal Trailer

Mat: The long-awaited sequel to 2017 indie hit Hollow Knight hasn’t received many updates since a preview to the game’s soundtrack was released in December 2019. For Hollow Knight: Silksong to now pop up with a full trailer in the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase made for a truly delightful surprise. The game looked as beautiful and fast as its predecessor, while hinting at some of the equipment Hornet (a supporting character in the original) will be using to make the gameplay different. There’s no concrete release date yet, but just seeing that this game is alive and well made me really excited.

Potion Permit Release Date Revealed

Trevor: Potion Permit caught my attention with its premise — “diagnose symptoms, gather ingredients, brew potions, and cure ailments in this open-ended sim RPG” — and kept it with its Atelier-style resource gathering and brewing systems. I’ve always wanted to try an Atelier title, and MassHive Media’s 2D apothecary sim looks primed and ready to scratch that itch. The color palette and constant sense of motion invokes Studio Ghibli’s films and, like Roots of Pacha, there are some Stardew-esque elements. In this case, getting to know your neighbors, foraging, and fishing are very apt for the premise of being the town doctor, so Potion Permit can’t be accused of cribbing Stardew like some other titles are.

Persona Series Going Multiplatform

Noelle: We’re finally seeing the recent Persona games (Persona 5 Royal, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 3 Portable) coming to a whole range of platforms. While I’ve personally finished Persona 4 Golden on Steam and am currently playing through Persona 5 Royal for the first time on the PlayStation 5, I am absolutely thrilled to see these wonderful JRPGs on more platforms for more people to experience for the first time or dive deep into these worlds for the third, fifth, a hundredth time. I’m personally excited to jump into Persona 3 Portable for more Persona goodness.

One Piece Odyssey Summer Game Fest Trailer

Mat: As much as I’m excited for the RPG heavy-hitters on the horizon like Final Fantasy XVI and Xenoblade Chronicle 3, I’m also excited for the wildcard in the bunch: One Piece Odyssey. While most anime-adaptations opt for the fighting genre (Dragon Ball Z being one of the main culprits), One Piece Odyssey is going to be a JRPG set in the world of the manga/anime. The Summer Game Fest trailer showed off the game’s voice acting, a colorful world, and plenty of One Piece hijinks. With an original story from One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda the game has the potential to be so much more than being a fine anime-adaptation and could become a memorable RPG.

Palworld Third Trailer

Austin: While Palworld was announced a year ago, it re-entered the spotlight during GamesRadar’s Future Games Show with a new gameplay trailer showcasing… Pokemon with guns?! That’s right – Pocketpair’s Palworld mashes together definitely-not-Pokemon-but-close-enough creatures, third-person shooter gameplay, and the survival and crafting elements of the developer’s previous game, Craftopia. Palworld is currently only announced for PC (womp), but I got my fingers crossed it arrives on consoles as well sometime this year or next.

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