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Fire Force Vol. 6 Review

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Fire Force Vol. 6 Review

An exciting and action-packed outing,

Chaos is going down in Asakusa as Fire Company 8 tries to track down information about the Evangelist. How will our heroes make it out of this, especially with rising tension from the captain of Fire Company 7? Is Fire Force Vol. 6 good?

The Lowdown

The White Hoods have infiltrated Asakusa and are turning people into Infernals while disguising themselves as civilians. With tensions high between Company 8 and 7 due to the villains’ plot, things are looking grim. Things are only going to get worse, especially when Second and Third Generation foes enter the scene…

The Breakdown

The sixth volume of Fire Force moves the action front and center with our heroes facing off against the White Hoods in their invasion of Asakusa. Sure, there are story bits at the beginning and the end, with a few hints of big things sprinkled all around, but action is the name of the game. While those looking for a meatier story to bite into may be disappointed, the change in pace is nice. The series’s most recent fight scenes were relatively quick and weren’t drawn-out, so indulging in larger, longer fights is perfectly fine and earned in this volume.

Fire Force Vol. 6 Review

Guuuuuys, come on! This isn’t how we properly do fist fights! Have you forgotten the code of honor around here?

This manga doesn’t skimp out on story and substance. There are some nice bits of world-building and characterization, especially in the opening chapters which show the formation of Company 7. This really builds up how tight and connected this community is and why Waka and Konro are so well-respected. They’ve sacrificed so much and yet, for one of them at least, they are still unsure of themselves. It’s honestly touching and really says so much about why they are the way they are. There’s also new information about the villains, finally introducing some memorable figures beyond just Joker for promising future conflicts. There’s just enough teased and provided here that the story doesn’t feel bare-bones, even if not a whole lot of the plot moves forward.

The only negative thing to really say about the plot is the lack of character growth or exploration for the main characters. Obi, Hinawa, Maki, Tamaki, and Iris don’t do a whole lot here (Iris isn’t really even around outside of two panels). Arthur, despite being a big part of the fight, is the same way and that is a bit disappointing. The villains, while distinct in their designs, don’t jump out personality-wise despite being zealots (Yona being an exception with his mad perfectionist attitude). Shinra, on the other hand, does get an interesting development of his powers as well as a hint at what the villains truly want with him. He’s really starting to become concerned about who he is exactly and that’s something that I hope is explored later on. Other than that, the main cast not doing a whole lot, especially in a big action sequence, leaves something to be desired.

The artwork is fantastic, and with the stronger focus on action there are some really excellent imagery and panels. While the action in and of itself isn’t totally fluid like in some other series, the creator does well at stringing some intense, exciting fight sequences. The big stuff against the White Hoods really pops in particular, and you can still feel the impact and power even in some of the more static blows between the characters. The layouts are pretty good as well, helping to contribute to the excellent action and pacing within some scenes, especially the comedic ones. One really good bit is Waka calling out to the citizens of Asakusa to fight back against the imposters, and how that whole scene plays out. The character designs are still pretty cool as well, making everything really stand out and feel unique. A personal favorite is the twins’ fire cloak that resembles a mouse. It’s incredible striking, though it’s a bit of a shame that we never get to see how they fight in this attire.

Fire Force Vol. 6 Review

Is It Good?

Fire Force Vol. 6 is an action-packed, exciting, and energetic outing for the series, providing some great fight scenes and some solid development for Fire Company 7. It boasts the series’s usual great artwork and has a heck of a surprise at the very end, though it lacks a bit when it comes to focus on the main plot and the main cast. Still, this is a great outing and I’m eager to see the next stage, especially with the villains getting more involved than ever.

Fire Force Vol. 6 Review
Fire Force Vol. 6
Is it good?
Fire Force Vol. 6 is an action-packed, exciting, and energetic outing for the series, providing some great fight scenes and fantastic artwork to boost them up.
Great character development with Company 7
Fantastic, enjoyable fights and action
Interesting plot developments
Terrific artwork
The main cast falls by the wayside here

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