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NYCC 2019: Marvel Games Dive Deep into Realm of Champions


NYCC 2019: Marvel Games Dive Deep into Realm of Champions

Realm of Champions looks to offer mobile gamers a deep, RPG like experience in 2020

Say what you will about mobile games, but it’s clear they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Just look at Marvel’s Contest of Champions– the game has amassed hundreds of millions of downloads since it released in 2014. The game has been such a success that Marvel Games and Kabam are going all-out for its sequel, Marvels Realm of Champions.

After listening to Creative Director Gabriel Frizzera and Producer Meghann McGregor pour over the details of the forthcoming game at Marvel Games’ Panel at New York Comic Con it is abundantly clear that neith Kabam nor Marvel will let the limitations of being a mobile game hold Realm of Champions back. As someone who doesn’t play mobile games, and actually (unfairly) scoffs at them, Realm of Champions sounds thoroughly impressive.

Realm of Champions looks to expand on it’s predecessor in every way- giving the game a grander story, a more fleshed-out world, and a much larger sense of character customization. While the teaser trailer above doesn’t show much, Frizzera and McGregor gave plenty of details at NYCC:

Welcome to Battleworld

Realm of Champions will drop players smack-dab in the middle of the war-torn Battleworld, which has been broken up into various regions each with their own Baron. Frizzera confirmed that the game will launch with eight realms and barons, but that the team at Kabam was hoping to get that number closer to 50 post-launch.

Each region is led by a Baron and each Baron overs a new twist on a classic Marvel hero or villain. The House of Iron is led and inspired by Iron Man, though this Iron Man is not the Tony Stark we know- it’s Tony Stark Prime, an artificial intelligence of Tony taking his place following his death. The Spider-Guild is led by Madam Webb, who Frizzera described as “a spider jedi master.” There’s the militaristic, S.H.I.E.L.D. inspired Patriot Garrison, led by a Peggy Carter who has essentially taken the place of both Captain America and Nick Fury.

NYCC 2019: Marvel Games Dive Deep into Realm of Champions

Then there is the Asguardian Republic inspired by, big surprise, Thor and led by War Thor, who embodies all nine realms at once. Gamma Horde, a land of rabid hulklings, is led by Hulk’s son Skaar and has a very post-apocalyptic feel. Temple Vishanti is a land full of mystics lead by an alternate reality version of Stephen Strange who has altered time so much that his past, present, and future blend together in an indiscernible way.

The Kingdom of Wakanda is another land, this one led by Queen Shuri, who has taken the mantle of Black Panther following T’Challah’s death. Lastly, the game features Pyramid X led by the immortal Apocalypse, who believes his immortality will allow him to simply wait out all the conflict.

Pledge your loyalty and join the ranks

Rather than take control of a specific hero or villain, Realm of Champions will instead allow players to pledge loyalty to a specific region and build their own character from the ground up. Each region offers a base character to start with, adding tons of customization options as the player progresses through the game in order to give the player the greatest sense of customization.

Much like the Barons, each base character is a slight variation of an existing Marvel character. Pledge to House Iron and you will be given MK 1 Iron Man armor to start. Offer the Spider-Guild your services and you’ll be given a basic Spider-Man suit as a Web-Warrior. Prefer to take your talents to the Gamma Horde? Well, then you’ll simply be a Hulk.

The Patriot Garrison fills their ranks with Super Soldiers given Captain America’s serum. Those who align with the Temple of Vishanti will be granted the title of Sorcerer Supreme while citizens of the Kingdom of Wakanda will be given the powers of the Black Panther as a member of Queen Shuri’s dora milaje. Prefer to align yourself with the Children of Atom and you will find yourself controlling Storm, who has now become a Horseman (Horeswoman?) of the Apocalypse. Finally, there’s the foot soldiers of the Asguardian Republic, who fill their rank with those worthy of lifting Mjolnir, mighty Thors.

Regardless of who players pledge allegiance too, their characters will be highly customizable with various pieces of armor, head-dresses, and suits available to add on. While no official release date was given, Kabam did confirm that Realm of Champions will be available to players sometime in 2020.

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