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Going to the Chapel #4 review

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Going to the Chapel #4 review

The ride ends here! Don’t lose your invitation to what is sure to be the wedding of the year!

David Pepose’s tale of self awareness, dysfunctional families, and a robbery heist gone wrong has come to an end. That’s right, the Going to the Chapel finale is here! A lot went down at the end of the third issue. Bombs went off, trigger fingers were itchy, and hearts were broken…along with faces. Nice groom Jesse witnessed his bride-to-be Emily’s true feelings towards Tom, the leader of the Bad Elvis Gang. They had a past together and now the cat is out of the bag. Meanwhile, the police are outside waiting to storm the church. The family and guests are getting restless! How will it all end?

The dust has settled after the bomb exploded. Emily is rethinking her life choices, the gang are rethinking their leader’s life choices, and right outside the police are rethinking their choices after seeing a revealing photo online.

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Going to the Chapel #4 review

Spoilers! Spoilers everywhere! But I didn’t spoil anything!

Let’s check the score here: Rejected groom, confused bride, betrayed Bad Elvis Gang, disgruntled guests, pissed off armed police, and grandma has had the necklace this whole time! Everyone has one goal at this point and that is to get out of the church alive. Emily has a grand plan on how to get out of the church, but there are some loose ends that need to be tied up first.

I know I am being really vague here, but I don’t want to spoil anything. So much happens in this last issue and if I begin to detail any of it, I would be doing a disservice to both David Pepose and whoever is reading this. Trust me, you are going to dig how this ends.

The Good

I can’t praise Pepose enough. From the start I thought this would be another heist story and instead he took us on a journey of the soul and love. The humor and action are intact, but that is just scratching the surface. Emily and Tom reconnecting after a rocky past is intriguing. I would have liked to have known a little more about their relationship, but I appreciate Pepose keeping it a mystery. The basics are given and that is more than enough to satisfy the tale.

Gavin Guildry and Liz Kramer have been solid with their artwork through the whole series. Guildry’s line work and the details of the characters are just as sharp as his perspectives. Kramer’s colors are gorgeous and injected life into the many characters.

Going to the Chapel #4 review

The Bad

A couple of questions that I was hoping to be answered were not answered, but nothing that hinders the storytelling.

The Ugly 

I have to backtrack from my review of Going to the Chapel #3. I totally dogged out Jesse and assumed he would be this plain guy throughout his whole life and I pledged my allegiance to Tom. After this issue, I must say that I respect Jesse. He ended up being a solid character and damn you, Pepose for making me feel this way! Damn you!!!

The Verdict

If you have read this series from the start, you are not going to be disappointed in how the finale ends. Pepose did a fantastic job in scripting a solid story in only four issues! There are major book titles that had me rolling my eyes by issue #4. I give David props for maintaining the consistency of the narrative while keep it entertaining. Going to the Chapel is easily one of my favorite titles of the year and I rarely give out 10s, but this issue is getting a perfect score from me. Do yourself a favor and add this title to your collection.

Going to the Chapel #4
Is it good?
David Pepose ties up his wedding heist with a neat little bow.
The characters are likable and even pull at your heart strings.
The action and comedy are just as sharp!
Easily one of my favorite titles of the year!
The artwork is beautiful and gels with the story.
One small question I didn't get an answer to, but that's ok. The big picture outweighs my minor gripe

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