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Hasbro Reveals Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport for the Vintage Collection

An iconic Star Wars toy which recently made its live-screen debut has finally arrived.

Back in 1979, Kenner released the Imperial Troop Transporter for its now legendary Star Wars toy line.

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It was the first time they had released a toy that was not featured in a movie (although it made plenty of appearances in the expanded universe.

Over 35 years later, Hasbro released an updated version of the vehicle for their Star Wars: Rebels toy line. It was definitely cool, but not quite what us old school fans were hoping for. After seeing the vehicle make its live action debut in The Mandalorian, however, we knew that an updated/realistic model would be released soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, today is that glorious day. In an interview with Graeme McMillan of the Hollywood Reporter, Hasbro senior product designer Mark Boudreaux discussed the new Imperial Troop Transport for the Vintage Collection line, which will be hitting store shelves in early March.

The interview is filled with some great insights and a few really cool pictures, so definitely check it out. The Imperial Troop Transport is also available for preorder now, so be sure to secure one or ten for your Stormtrooper army.


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