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Marvel Legends retro Kingpin promo image


Hasbro’s new Marvel Legends Kingpin revealed

Wilson Fisk is available for preorder now!

Today, Hasbro revealed official promo images for its single carded Marvel Legends Kingpin. The figure (pictured below) is nearly identical to the recent Build-A-Figure that came with the 2019 wave of Spider-Man figures, but still has a few key differences.

Marvel Legends Kingpin


  • Both figures come with the standard judgmental Wilson Fisk head, but the 2020 version replaces the angry alternate head with one featuring Fisk with a black eye and facial lacerations.
  • Instead of an all-white suit with black shirt and blue tie, the 2020 figure is sporting purple pants, a yellow vest, and a blue ascot, giving him much more of a retro/’90s cartoon look.
  • Speaking of ’90s retro style (good lord that makes me feel old), this version of the figure will come single carded in vintage 1990s packaging.
Single Carded Kingpin


Here’s a comparison of the two figures if you want a better look out how their outfits differ from each other.

Kingpin Comparison


The figure will retail for $30 and should start shipping around November of this year. I’m perfectly fine with my BAF Wilson Fisk, but if you still to add the Kingpin to your Marvel Legends collection, you can preorder it at the link below.

With last month’s Monday Marvel Legends reveal of retro-styled Mysterio, today’s announcement officially puts us at the start of a Spidey villain figure streak (yes, Fisk still counts even though he’s much more of a Daredevil nemesis these days). Maybe it’s a bit much to hope for Morlun or a purple-suited Dock Ock in June, but a man can dream….


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