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‘Ted Lasso’ season 1 episode 9 review: ‘All Apologies’

Roy loses a step and Rebecca finally comes clean.

Ted Lasso and the boys’ rollercoaster season continues as they’ve hit a rough patch. One of the main reasons is the poor form of Roy Kent whose most recent gaffe caused the club to lose. Age is catching up to the star player having lost a step and some of his edge. Regardless, coach is willing to let Roy play through it because he’s still confident the footballer can turn it around.

[Slight Spoilers Ahead]

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He may be the only one because the rest of the coaching staff feels it’s time to bench their team captain. The differing views on Roy creates quite the conflict with Nate and Coach Beard giving Lasso the silent treatment. Finally, Ted relents and sits down with Roy who doesn’t take it well. Later, Keeley is able to console her new boyfriend and show him he’s more than just a footballer.

Ever since Keeley found out who hired the paparazzi that took scandalous photos of her and Ted Lasso, she’s been pushing Rebecca to come clean. However, the boss gets cold feet and doesn’t want to risk harming someone who has grown to be a valued friend. A surprising encounter with her ex-husband finally inspires her to tell the truth because she couldn’t feel any worse than she did that moment. True to his positive form, Ted forgives her and understands how divorces make people do crazy things.

Before watching a single episode of Ted Lasso, I thought it could stir up emotions due to the sports aspect of the series. Imagine my surprise when it’s the scenes off the pitch that give you the feels. There’s an adage that Father Time is undefeated so you can sympathize with Roy as he copes with exiting his prime and not being able to compete at the same level. But it’s the charming scene between him, Keeley, and his niece that he learns that his work doesn’t define him and others will always think highly of him even if he stops playing.

ted lasso 9.2
Photo: Apple TV+

We’ve seen Rebecca become great again but she would always regress when it came to matters to the team. Not only does she make amends with Higgins, she is finally able to set herself free in an emotional confession about the paparazzi, the Trent Crimm piece, and Jamie’s transfer to Ted.

The room is filled with tension and Jason Sudeikis conveys so much through his eyes alone. Ted Lasso is hurt and disappointed but you know he’s not the type to hold a grudge. Despite the initial motives, he truly appreciates this life changing opportunity he received and the experience is shaping him for the better. When Rebecca dismisses a handshake and goes in for a big embrace, it seals their reconciliation.

The final sequence is also very touching and enjoyable. Roy accepts his reduced role but still inspires his teammates like a good captain. We then receive a candid look in the locker room as all the players prepare for practice and head out to the pitch. Roy is the last to leave and slaps the believe sign as he leaves. Something they’ll all need to do to avoid falling out of the EPL.

There were other great moments in the episode including Coach Beard receiving a second chance at love and all the asides and jokes are silly and humorous. They really show how in touch Lasso is with pop culture with all his references.

Despite the drama, “All Apologies” hits you in the feelings with positive vibes. With all of AFC Richmond on the same page, the club can finally concentrate on their final match and fight off relegation.

Ted Lasso can be currently seen on Apple TV+ with new episodes released on Friday.

ted lasso 9.1
Ted Lasso S 1 E 9: 'All Apologies'
Despite the drama, “All Apologies” hits you in the feelings with positive vibes.
Reader Rating1 Vote
Great and engaging arcs with Roy and Rebecca.
The closing sequence builds the excitement for the big match in the season finale.
The silly but funny humor and jokes.
Rebecca's ex-husband, Rupert, is the only truly despicable person on the show.

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