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‘The Watch’ episode 7 review: ‘Nowhere in the Multiverse’

Vimes switches places with his evil doppelganger from a different multiverse.

When we last left the Watch, they picked up a lead on the next artifact needed to control the noble dragon thanks to Cheery. Unfortunately, it forces her to confront her past by returning to her home in the mines. Although Carcer beats them to the item, the forensics expert does pick up a new power that could be helpful in the future. Meanwhile, a new power player in the search of the artifacts emerges in Doctor Cruces. Vimes and Lady Ramkin are left to defend a jailbreak from the Assassin’s Guild.

[Slight Spoilers Ahead!]

Carcer and Wonse asked the unseen observers for the worst version of Sam Vimes in the multiverse and their partners deliver with a convict version of the Captain of the Watch. The villains convince this Vimes to work with them. First, he must lead Angua, Cheery, and Carrot into a trap. Then, he must do the real dirty work and kill Lady Ramkin. Can his colleagues detect the imposter?

Our Vimes swaps places with his “evil” doppelganger and finds himself in his darkest timeline as an inmate at Tandy Prison. It’s so odd to see alternate versions of his friends and foes alike in prison, whether they are alive or dead in his universe. Vimes finds some unlikely allies as he figures out a way to escape and return home.

“Nowhere in the Multiverse” works on so many levels resulting in a very enjoyable episode. Vimes’ exploits in the other dimension shows as much as things change, they still stay the same. Carrot is still a by the book authority figure and Lady Ramkin still has aspirations of rehabilitating criminals, but just in a larger scale reeducation process. For fans of the Discworld series, they’ll be happy to see a familiar face and the possibility he could return. We also learn that in addition to the unseen observers and Cheery’s the Dark powers, there are other possible means to communicate through the multiverses.

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Photo: Ilze Kitshoff/BBCA

Furthermore, we’ve received glimpses of the future between Ramkin and Vimes but never really saw any indications in their present of a possible romance. Their time together on the series so far has affected their personalities in positive ways but here, Lady Ramkin exhibits some vulnerability by admitting her feelings after their falling out. Actress, Laura Rossi, really sells the growing love between the two and in an example of how in touch she is with Vimes, she correctly guesses the Vimes imposter. Again, as mentioned earlier all the Sams are similar. “Evil” Sam still has good in him as he can’t bring himself to kill a Ramkin that hasn’t wronged him.

The different multiverses also add much needed depth to our villain, Carcer. So far, he has gone to great lengths to destroy Ankh-Morpork only out of revenge and self-preservation. When hearing the story of “evil” Vimes, he recollects his own situation and relates so much to the other Sam’s story. For a moment he internally struggles with going through with his plan and how conflicted he was the night he fell from the Unseen University. Also, it’s quite the gut punch to learn there is a good version of yourself out there.

The episode also continues the same crazy fun The Watch is known for. Matt Berry shines in his one brief scene even breaking the fourth wall. They sneak in another musical number which allows Wendell Pierce’s Death to sing a few bars. Moreover, it builds the suspense to the season finale now that Carcer has all he needs to control the noble dragon.  

“Nowhere in the Multiverse” shows us what could have been with many of the characters we appreciate while solidifying who they are in typical wild fashion.

The Watch airs Sunday nights on BBC America.

the watch 7.3
The Watch E 7: 'Nowhere in the Multiverse'
“Nowhere in the Multiverse” shows us what could have been with many of the characters we appreciate while solidifying who they are in typical wild fashion.
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Developing the Lady Ramkn/Vimes romance.
Brings much needed depth to Carcer's character.
Maybe give us a little bit more Matt Berry.

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