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Seven great new decks to try in 'Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum'


Seven great new decks to try in ‘Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum’

Hearthstone‘s newest expansion, Saviors of Uldum, is finally live — which means it’s time to experience the collectible card game equivalent of opening presents on Christmas day: opening new packs and trying out new cards and decks. The following are some standout decks I enjoyed playing most during the first day of the SoU release.

Secret Hunter

Savannah Highmane remains one of my favorite Hunter cards to this day, so rekindling some of that ferocity with fellow jungle hunter Hyena Alpha was at the top of my to-do-list in Saviors of Uldum.

The guffawing rare minion generates 7/7 worth of stats for 4-mana (if activated properly) and fits perfectly in the Secret Hunter configuration which dominated the ranked ladder as a Tier One deck in Rise of Shadows.

Notwithstanding, I was even more pleasantly surprised by Hunter’s Pack (which has added some clutch Wild Bloodstingers, Gladiator’s Longbows and new favorite Hunter Secret, Pressure Plate to my hand), a spell which synergizes very well with Zul’jin and ameliorates the Hunter class’ ostensible weakness concerning card draw.

Secret Mage

Secret Hunter likely won’t be the only Secret-prevalent deck in Saviors of Uldum and new minions Arcane Flak Mage and Cloud Prince will be integral components to Secret Mage’s success.

Highlander/Zephrys, the Great decks

Gimmicky? Flavor of the week? More annoying than Whizbang the Wonderful?

Maybe so. But how can you not want to play a card as inimitable as Zephrys, the Great? Or a card who can summon King Krush and whose art features Brann Bronzebeard riding bareback on a T-Rex?

Here’s a list of some of the more prevailing Highlander decks thus far:

Highlander Druid, Regiskillbin

Highlander Hunter, LiamJacobs21

Highlander Mage, Jounichi

Highlander Paladin, DekksterGaming

Quest Druid

Quest Druid may not look like the strongest deck at first glance, but as of this writing it’s in the top five most popular cards played on Day One of Saviors of Uldum according to HSReplay — and performing more successfully than Shaman Quest, Corrupt the Waters, to boot.

This can be attributed to Quest Druid punishing greedy Aggro decks, which are always prevalent during the transitional stage between expansions when the meta is still being established — so give Untapped Potential a try if you’re struggling with aggro.

Quest Shaman

Neck and neck with Quest Druid is brand-new Corrupt the Waters Shaman Quest deck, which combines already useful early-game Lackeys and a diverse pool of great Battlecry minions for Quest activation on a strong curve without forfeiting tempo.

Also: although it might not be the most optimal Battlecry card to use in the coming weeks, a 16/16 Frostwolf Warlord was something I thought I’d only pull off in a fever dream. Then I played Ossirian Tear Shaman. Feelsgreatman.

Zoo Warlock

As I mentioned earlier, greedy aggro decks are always a solid choice in the initial stages of a new expansion due to all the meta decks still finding their footing. Which means enduring favorites like Zoo Lock are back on the menu for the meantime.

Lackey synergy coupled with new cards Evil Recruiter, Diseased Vulture and Dark Pharaoh Tekahn have made Zoo Lock a formidable config from the rip.

Quest Priest

Statistically speaking, Quest Priest isn’t as prevalent as some of the other decks on this list but it’s a personal favorite of mine that has performed well against Warrior thus far; its novelty also hasn’t worn off yet against those unsure of what to expect.

Once you Activate the Obelisk it can be very difficult for the opponent to recover. Also: Psychopomp, Vivid Nightmare, Obelisk’s Eye and Leeroy Jenkins might be one of the most fun and satisfying lethals I’ve ever pulled off in Hearthstone.

Which deck has been your favorite/best performing thus far in Hearthstone‘s new Saviors of Uldum expansion? Did we forget any? Sound off in the comments.

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