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Iceberg Interactive shares news, gameplay, release dates, and more
Iceberg Interactive


Iceberg Interactive shares news, gameplay, release dates, and more

Get your indie games news blast while it’s hot.

Indie games are important. More often than not indie developers and studios take the risk of trying something new and different that you won’t see from a big AAA studio because they don’t have the worry of investors and massive budgets behind their games. Indie games are built on passion and quite often spur innovation within the gaming community. Games such as Stardew Valley, Hyper Light Drifter, Super Meat Boy, and Cuphead all had humble beginnings, but ended up leaving huge marks on the gaming community.

So how can you support indie games? Play them! And if you don’t know where to find them, don’t worry, we can help with that.

Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of indie games or an old grizzled vet, Iceberg Interactive is a publisher you should familiarize yourself with. The Netherlands based company has helped indie developers publish more than 60 games since 2009 across PC, Linux, macOS, PS4, and Xbox One. Today they’ve got a whole slew of exciting pieces of news to share with the world: gameplay, release dates, free demos, and more! Let’s dive in.

Pax Nova

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Grey Wolf Entertainment have announced the full release of the sci-fi turned based 4X strategy game Pax Nova hits Steam next week, April 28.

Iceberg Interactive describes the game as, “A sci-fi turn-based 4X strategy game where you lead the fate of one of several factions divided between three races. Explore new worlds and new star systems filled with exciting secrets as well as dangers. Build cities, expand your influence and fight great battles on land and in space.”

Star Dynasties

New gameplay has been revealed for the upcoming sci-fi strategy game Star Dynasties which arrives on Steam in 2021 from studio Pawley Games. Developer Glen Pawley returns for Developer Diaries Ep. II to discuss the relationships with characters that players will encounter and foster during the game. Relationships are a pivotal part of succeeding in Star Dynasties.

Iceberg Interactive describes the games as, “A sci-fi strategy game set in a divided galaxy following the destruction of Earth, Star Dynasties mixes a light empire management strategy layer with a unique procedurally generated narrative of human drama and feudal politics, where your choices will define your story.”

Glen will be speaking live this coming weekend on Emergent Narrative vs Traditional Narrative at LudoNarraCon; a digital convention celebrating narrative video games, hosted on Steam. The panel will begin at 9am PT/6PM CEST this Saturday, April 25.


Antigraviator, a sleek new take on the anti-gravity racing genre arrives on Xbox One Friday, May 1. Pre-orders open today. Play by yourself in the single-player campaign or online multiplayer.

Radical Relocation

The driver from Crazy Taxi has been pulled in Winglett Entertainment’s wacky new physics-based puzzle game Radical Relocation that turns a sleep little neighborhood into a crazy obstacle course. You need to deliver an ever growing amount of items, on an increasingly difficult path, from point A to B while they’re stack on your roof. A FREE DEMO is available now on GameJolt/

Circle Empires Rivals

Multiplayer fantasy RTS Circle Empires Rivals launched on Steam last Wednesday April 15 to extremely positive reviews. The fast paced multiplayer RTS, allows you to play solo or with friends on a mission to take your tiny kingdom and use it to conquer everyone else’s. All the classic fantasy tropes are here; monsters, enemies, treasures, you know the drill.

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