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All Things All Elite: January 13th, 2020

All Things All Elite

All Things All Elite: January 13th, 2020

Get caught up on all things AEW before Dynamite tonight.

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you’re all having a great day and you’re ready for another week of All Things All Elite. AEW Dark was pretty uneventful this week, although BTE had some possibly noteworthy plot developments. Matt Hardy seems to be making a power move and Cutler is challenging Luchasaurus. Nothing huge on Twitter plot wise but there were some fun character interactions. Feel free to peruse, get all caught up, and as always enjoy Dynamite tonight!

Being the Elite

  • The Good Brothers and Young Bucks hang out in the back. The Bucks ask if they can trust The Good Brothers. The Good Brothers assures them that there is nothing to be scared of, the band is back together, its all good. The Bucks seem skeptical.
  • Marko Stunt talks to Leva Bates. He says that she really needs to talk to Kip Sabian about letting him win when playing video games, that he’s going crazy. Leva seems to agree to it.
  • The Dark Order are hanging out when Five walks in and says that he wants to host another party after how well the New Years Eve one went. They all flash back to the New Year’s Eve party. There is half a bottle of wine and everyone sitting around doing nothing.
  • They then go around and say what their new years resolution is. John Silver wants to win back the world’s best kisser award. Colt wants to get his dad gimmick over. Anna Jay wants to be nicer to Stu. Evil Uno wants to wrestle Jim Duggan. Alex Reynolds wants to come up with a cool catch phrase. Ten wants to stop gambling. Five wants to be cooler. They all cheer for the New Year, Hangman wanders in to tell them it’s Dec 27.
  • Matt Hardy praises Private Party for how great they are and how they’re getting tons of cameos. He then asks for his cut. Private Party protests but Matt says in the contract he gets 50% of cameo revenue. Matt Hardy talks about how they shouldn’t be arrogant like The Young Bucks. He somehow is able to get Private Party to calm down.
  • Kris Statlander grabs Griff Garrison in a headlock and drags him off camera.
  • The Bucks and Kazarian hang out and complain about how messy the Elite’s back room is now, they complain now a ton of Dark wrestlers are always hanging out in there. Matt Hardy walks in and offers them a much bigger back room. They decide to move to the bigger room. Matt Hardy gives them a contract to sign which they sign without looking over.
  • Griff Garrison runs through a hall, Kris Statlander follows behind but Griff Garrison gets away. Kris reports that her first experiment on the human has failed.
  • Matt Hardy runs into Brandon Cutler. Matt tells him that he needs to beat people other than the Dark wrestlers. Hardy says Cutler needs to beat an AEW superstar to get time on Dynamite. He says if Cutler beats Luchasaurus he could be part of the Matt Hardy brand.
  • Alex and John Silver decide it’s time to try to recruit Sting. They decide they need to figure out where his locker room is and recruit him. The group runs off.
  • Alex Abrahantes finds a trail of Kool-Aid packets that lead him into a trailer. Dasha and the crew slam the door behind him. We discover they have locked him in Jake the Snake’s trailer who guarantees he can fix him. 2 hours later Alex walks out, turns out he has tricked Jake into drinking the Kool-Aid as well!
  • Leva and Luchasaurus are talking about how dinosaurs are stereotyped in today’s society when Cutler rolls up out of nowhere. Cutler challenges Luchasaurus to a match, Dragon v.s Dinosaur. 
  • Vickie and Nyla are still in their catholic outfits. Vickie goes around asking for donations for poor children, yelling at people to give more. Nyla meanwhile goes around getting donations by punching people and stealing from them.
  • We have another contender’s match for the BTE belt. This week they are playing flip cup with White Claw. It’s extremely close but Alex Reynolds wins and next week they will be playing beer pong for the title.

AEW Dark

  • Ricky Starks (w) vs Mike Verna.
  • Jurassic Express (w) vs Ryzin & Fuego Del Sol.
  • Tay Conti (w) vs Marti Daniels.
  • Dark Order (w) vs Shawn Dean, Zack Clayton, Adam Priest, Danny Limelight, & Vary Morale.
  • Will Hobbs (w) vs Louie Valle. Taz wanted everyone to know that Will Hobbs destroying Louie was payback for Louie thinking he was allowed to wear orange and black.
  • Red Velvet (w) vs  Leva Bates.
  • Alex Reynolds & John Silver (w) vs KC Navarro & El Australiano.
  • Varsity Blondes (w) vs Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow. Peter Avalon came out on commentary with some signed photographs. He talks about his pageant, his open challenge for beautiful people. He talks about how great Lee Johnson is and afterwards gives him a signed photo.
  • Anna Jay (w) vs Alex Gracia.
  • Serena Deeb (w) vs Tesha Price.
  • Bear Country (w) vs Baron Black & Nick Comoroto.
  • Top Flight (w) vs Chaos Project.

Road to New Year’s Smash

  • A promo package goes over the history of Darby and Taz. Taz initially tried to help out Darby and be his coach. After being rejected multiple times Taz built his faction, Team Taz, in part to get back at Darby for rejecting his offers. The package then reviews as Darby won the TNT championship and Sting came into the situation, seemingly to help Darby. The final clips are Sting and Darby staring down Team Taz.  
  • Tony talks about the NWA Women’s Championship and its legacy. Serena Deeb talks about how much respect she has for the belt. Excalibur discusses how Serena is an old school wrestler with her style. He points out that she and Tay Conti are both blackbelts.
  • Tay Conti says that she was told she could never make it and she proved them all wrong. She’s a black belt in judo, a blue in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Conti points out she’s been a wrestler for four years and says she’s ready. Anna Jay says that she is going to make sure that she supports Conti at ring side. And sure, that may involve the Dark Order.
  • A clip runs reminding us that Evil Uno has given Tay Conti a contract. I have a hunch that will be addressed tonight.
  • Eddie Kingston brings his stable together of Lucha Brothers and Butcher/Blade. Pac then talks about how the Lucha Brothers are the only people on the roster he respects, he says Eddie Kingston is not going to take them away. Eddie says Pac may have been hearing voices and going crazy during the pandemic but he’s been going crazy his entire life. Pac says he’s an international superstar, Eddie meanwhile is a cautionary tale.

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